A light that never goes out.

The main reason why I decided to begin a blog from the beginning, is to spread the awareness of people who have and are struggling with eating disorders. They are a lot more common than we think.

3 years stronger.

Time has passed since I was really locked in with my eating disorder. As time goes on and I continue to heal parts of myself that were damaged for so long, I do my best to check in time to time with those around me to remind me and others that we just have to keep going.

Although, I know to others the case may not be the same to be able to open up to family about what you are going through, there are other resources that can fit best. Here I have the link my professor in my story recommended to me, that way it is available for anyone who may need it.

I would also like to add that this is a continued daily struggle. I’ve noticed particularly in my unique situation, high stress situations are triggers for me. At times when I feel that I am out of control, like for example our current pandemic situation that the whole world is going through, our jobs being at a halt, uncertainty of what is to come. 2 weeks ago, the urge creeped up on me and its hard to shake out of it. Stressed and anxious I know in my mind its the wrong thing to do but you just still want to. Binge eat out of anxiety just to purge after. Instead of falling into this evil habit again I just simply called my mom. Flat out I told her, “Mom, I feel anxious and I want to throw up again so I’m calling you to convince me not to”. With some talking and reassurance that things are going to work out, the need for that went away. People fighting their battles is an every day struggle. This is never perfect. Thoughts will come and go. The only way out, is through. Thanks mom for your endless support.

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