Here we go.

A new beginning.

Wow! I have thought about creating a blog for myself for a very long time now. I can’t believe and I’m also relieved to say that I have finally done it! There are so many ideas, thoughts, and topics that I have that cross my mind that I have found that it can be relatable to almost anyone and everyone. Writing has always been an important way for me to express myself more freely. It’s the perfect opportunity for me to develop my words and really understand what i’m feeling before they become actual spoken words. I love that we have the option to erase and continue. It’s a method that allows me to see how far i’ve come from certain points of my life and I love to look back to see the progress I’ve made coming from that . While being here, you will probably find a lot of self reflecting. But it won’t be a super serious blog, you know that type that’s so “deep” lol . Or who knows it might be, whatever! It will literally be anything! Anyway, I finally decided to take the steps forward into creating this small dream of mine into a reality, instead of something I’d talk about “possibly doing someday”. So, Y’ALL KNOW I’m happy that you guys are all here to share this new experience with me! I have decided to title my blog “A Little Bit of Everything” because that’s exactly what my posts will all be about. Just a little bit of everything. Whether that be about life, movies, tips, sharing personal experiences, my favorite kind of chips, dreams, current things, etc. It is a blog that i created and have decided that it will really will be about anything and everything! I can’t wait to share this with you all and please feel free to leave me any comments or email me with any thoughts/ideas that you have. Enjoy!

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