Who is she?

Life isn’t about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself.”

Hi! My name is Ciara. If you’re here reading this now, I just want to take a few seconds to express my gratitude for just even simply checking this out! Thank you!

If you don’t know me personally, I’m someone who has so much on their mind but says very little. I’m always being told that I should share my thoughts out loud because I’m very passionate about the things I talk about. I’ve always been a shy individual, mostly fear that I either talk to much and people want me to shut up about it, but that’s myself holding myself back from being able to share what I know with everyone and honestly I encourage people to share stories back with me because I love learning from people. It reminds me to remain humbled because everyone has stories that we will never truly relate to, but we can to the emotions.

  • I created this blog in hopes to learn from others and hope you may learn something from me. This is my space to be able to share what truly matters to me along with my thoughts and opinion and really it will be an open journal.

From the top of my head here are a few things I have to say about this new blog.

  • Im blogging publicly in hopes this reaches someone who becomes encouraged to write too. I know reading others peoples pieces has empowered me and I only hope this can do the same.
  • I’ll be writing about my line of work, family, hobbies, fears, struggles, interests will all be updated in here.
  • I’d love to connect with other people who share the same values. Imagine what we can create when we all really do work and share ideas together.
  • I’m not sure exactly where this will take me, but thats just perfect. That just mean this can go anywhere.

I’m nervous right now as Im typing and reading this in my head. I have put this off for so long because really I’m no one special that people would come to my blog post and read what I’ve got to say. But this has been on my mind for so long I can feel it in my chest that this isn’t just a small new thing for me. This really does mean something to me and the purpose behind this will be greater. So, bare with me! I will probably ramble on and if you get lost reading along the way, know that it will all circle back to the point I want to make. This will not be perfect, this will be exactly what it is and what we all are, a work in progress.

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